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Jessica Ott - 3D Animator     |   +44 (0) 7908-609-029

To view the videos you will need Quicktime player installed on you computer. If you don't have Quicktime already installed click on the following link to download a free version. Once installed just click to play.

I am a 3D character and creature animator. I graduated from the NCCA at Bournemouth University in 2009 with distinction in MA 3D Computer Animation. During the Masters course I successfully created a short narrative animation “The Bookkeeper”. This was a solo project and I was responsible for all aspects of the films production. I also worked as a part of a group to create the first level of a third person action adventure video game modification “Clockwork” using the Half Life 2 engine. I contributed to the concept designs for the game and was responsible for building custom rigs and animating all of the characters.

Since graduating from university I worked as an animator at Jellyfish Pictures Ltd . In May 2012 I became freelance and have worked for several companies in London. Projects include animating on full cg productions and also animating cg characters to live action back plates for TV, film and commercials . I also have experience with editing and animating motion capture data and creating facial animation and lip sync. I get a real sense of satisfaction when I succeed in bringing characters to life and produce emotions in others through my animation.

My showreel is a compilation of the animation I have created. The videos from my Masters Project and Group Project can be seen in full on the 3D Animation page.


Creature Animation Showreel.
(total running time 1 min. 57 sec.)



Character Animation Showreel.
(total running time 1 min. 30 sec.)


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